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(ROSEMONT, ILLINOIS, August 9, 2003) Galactic Hunter shoots the proverbial breeze with Hasbro designer Brian Parrish and digs up more details on all the plastic goodness shown at Wizard World Chicago. As key members of the team, such as lead designers Mark Boudreaux and Brian Wilk,  tour the  Episode III set in Australia to get all the plans together for the upcoming line, Brian and new Star Wars Marketing guy Randy Shoemaker hold the fort in the convention by meeting and greeting fans at the booth and hosting today's Q&A panel, where they previewed the spectacular  Jabba's Palace Jedi Luke among others .

L to R: Hasbro's Brian Parrish and Randy Shoemaker


Here's a rundown of factoids for your perusal:

  • Kit Fisto Clone Wars is shirtless for a reason. The figure was based on Kit swimming underwater in a Clone Wars story line. Thus, the figure includes articulated ankles so that you can sort of put him in a "swimming" pose.
  • That's no Walkman on Saesee Tiin Clone Wars' head. The figure is meant to pilot the new Clone Wars Jedi Starfighter and the headset serves as a communication device.
  • The new Hoth Attack Luke will not come with a "Force attracted" magnetic lightsaber action feature. Although the sample shown in the convention displays a metal lightsaber hilt, the production version will be plastic. There will also be a hole on the Ice Cave base for the lightsaber---which will be of the detachable two-part variety--- to insert into. Luke can be hung by inserting his feet in an undercutting on the Ice Cave base.
  • Like POTJ's Bacta Luke, General Riekkan is set for release as a Deluxe figure because of the larger Tactical Map accessory that won't fit in a normal blister. The figure was designed by Hasbro vet Ham Woodhouse.
  • There's apparently a running change with Outlander Night Club Death Stick dealer Elan Sleazebaggano due to Lucasfilm adding antennas to the character during production. Two variants will be released---one with antenna and one without. The sample at Wizard World is the antenna-less variant.
  • While the escape pod included with the new Tatooine C-3PO can fit both the golden droid and his sidekick R2-D2, there is no confirmed ANH version of everyone's favorite blue astromech to be released at this time. As we reported today, there is an ROTJ Bartender R2 due out next year.
  • Although bearing a close resemblance face-wise to the Saga Hoth Han Solo, the Hoth Rebel Trooper is an all new headsculpt. The figure is a mixture of old and new toolings.
  • The new Speederbike with the Clone Trooper is the color Hasbro originally intended to release and follows the color design from concept art. While the Clone Trooper is the same version as last year's (with detachable armor and removable helmet),  the bike is modified with new parts and now includes a firing missile.
  • The Speederbike that comes with Durge features all new toolings through and through. Hasbro worked with Lucasfilm to come up with the design and various logos.
  • The Jedi Council Screen Scene Assortment II is based on the Episode I roster with Deppa Billaba, Yaddle, and the deceased Yarael Poof. Assortment I is based on Attack of the Clones membership. Hasbro decided to throw EP1 Council members in the mix to produce characters which would otherwise be difficult to justify release in the basic assortment.
  • Despite some reports around the web, the Imperial Dignitaries do not have removable or swappable headwear. They are molded on. The figures were based on actual movie references.
  • The new Jabba's Palace Luke Skywalker includes articulation in the neck, shoulder, biceps, wrists, waists, and legs. He comes with a removable soft goods cloak, Skiff Guard blaster, a non-detachable lightsaber, and modular base.
  • We won't see all new toolings for the upcoming Deluxe Jabba the Hutt, but it will be more ROTJ movie accurate, including new and improved deco. The gangster slug will have a new head and an older torso with a tail that hooks around. A hooka pipe, chubbas, and railing from his throne are included. Jabba also has a movable tongue which can be taken out and replaced with the pipe.
  • The arms and torso of the Hoth R-3PO are all new sculpts. Tatooine C-3PO also sports a new and modified torso.
  • The Death Star plans holo which Count Dooku holds in the Geonosian War Room Screen Scene can fit into a slot located in the control panel accessory packed with Wat Tambor.
  • The newly announced R1-G4 figure  is the tall, dark green, older astromech model seen briefly in the droid purchase sequence in  A New Hope.
  • The also newly announced Shwada Ubb is the frog-like band member playing a water flute type instrument in the Jabba's Palace scene from Return of the Jedi Special Edition. The character is also know by its species, Rappartunie.
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi, Elan Sleazebaggano, and Ayy Vida were originally designed to be a two part modular Outlander Club Screen Scene along with a fourth character. Hasbro decided to sell them separately instead.


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